walk me to the graveyard
legal name delana ophelia graves also known as del birth date + place september 13th 1984 (31)
+ asheville, north carolina
current residences palo alto, california sexuality bisexual. relationship status divorced available religious background lapsed christian; spiritual af occupation database administrator for tesla motors;
online fortune teller/blogger
vehicle 2013 toyota camry
"Stay away from Madeleine Rogers. That girl is a slut."

So went Madeleine's reputation. Not that she particularly cared; in her eyes, she was a slut, and saw no problem with enjoying sex freely. The trouble was, she would sleep with any man that said yes to her, not caring whether or not relationships were involved. She frequently cheated on her boyfriends, going from man to man without a care. For Madeleine, having a baby in a relationship was one way for her to snare a man. Her first husband (and first baby daddy) was put away on drug charges after getting caught selling heroin to an undercover police officer. Two more boyfriends followed her ex-husband, and when she met Dante Graves, she was a 22 year old divorcée with three sons.

Dante was repeatedly warned about Madeleine. He knew her reputation around Asheville, but he didn't care; he was a good Christian man, and that meant forgiving the woman that he fell in love with. Love at first sight, he wasn't bothered by her reputation. He was determined to make her into a good Christian woman. And for a little while, it worked. They got married, and yet again Madeleine fell pregnant with her first daughter, a little girl she named Delana after her grandmother; Dante insisted on the middle name Ophelia for his deceased mother.

Delana Ophelia Graves ruled the roost as a young girl. She was a daddy's girl, and loved her father more than anything. From day one she had a complex and difficult relationship with her mother, something that she feels to this day Madeleine resents her for. Madeleine and Delana were always at war with each other, something that lasted well into middle school when Dante discovered that Madeleine had not, in fact, changed her cheating ways, and was having an affair with his best friend. After cleaning out the house and bank accounts, Dante took his daughter and moved back to California where he grew up, specifically Palo Alto.

Delana missed her brothers, but adjusted to her new life remarkably well. She liked Palo Alto and San Fransisco both, preferring California to North Carolina by a wide margin. Even better, her classmates accepted her, charmed by her Carolinas accent and her beautiful face. As she grew older she became more popular with the boys, but she learned a lesson from her mother, and avoided her male peers so much that a pesky rumor started that she was a lesbian, a rumor that followed her to high school. There, she dated her first boyfriend Isaac and joined the swimming and fencing teams, excelling at both given her natural athleticism.

When it came time for college, Delana stayed close, opting to go to San Jose City College and commuting from her father's home in Palo Alto. She received her degree in psychology, something that helped her with her flourishing new career: online fortune teller. The idea had come from a friend who had done an essay on tarot, something that always stuck in Delana's mind. She began to research it and discovered there was a high demand for talented people who marketed themselves as psychics and fortune tellers. She tried it for fun and wound up enjoying it so much she turned it into a side job.

To this day she still does online fortune telling, though to pay the bills she works as a database administrator for Tesla Motors, a job that she had gotten through a well-connected friend of her father. It's not her idea of a perfect job, but she makes excellent money, can work from home whenever she likes, and the benefits are outstanding. Plus, she has the time and freedom to run her personal website, which showcases her blog, links to her YouTube channel, and offers detailed tarot readings for a reasonable price. Life is good, and right now, Delana can't complain.

01. Started doing online fortune telling in her mid twenties as a total lark and a quick way to make money. Discovered she had quite a knack for it and started doing it more frequently before creating her own site (coming soon) where people can purchase customized readings. She offers e-mail readings, video readings, and live chat readings as well. Still does it to this day, though it's a side gig for her.
02. In addition to a website, she also has a YouTube channel in the same vein as Kelly-Anne Maddox, one of her spiritual heroes. Covers a variety of topics and films it all in her bedroom, doing all of the production herself.





HEIGHT 5'5" BUILD Curvy/Athletic HAIR COLOR Blonde EYE COLOR Blue-grey PIERCINGS Two per lobe; both daiths pierced; right nostril (closed); nipples TATTOOS Numerous WARDROBE Staples include jeans, maxi dresses, tank tops, Converse sneakers, cowboy boots, and oversized sweaters when it gets cold. She can dress up if the circumstance calls for it, but prefers jeans and tee shirts or summer dresses and cowboy boots. She wears her father's flannel shirt when feeling depressed.